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Research & Development

Fibercon puts concrete under the microscope

While Fibercon has been sponsoring research on concrete at James Cook University for more than a decade, Fibercon’s Emesh product is the result of a three-year PhD research project overseen by its College of Science Technology and Engineering.

The environmental performance has gone through rigorous examination of all aspects of the production process, including the transportation to site and the amount of plastic waste Emesh prevents becoming landfill by using 100% recycled plastic fibres.

The testing procedures on environmental aspects of the project, and the results, are outlined in detail in a peer-reviewed report for The Journal of Cleaner Production.

Likewise, the technical performance of the product has literally gone under the microscope. Emesh has been extensively tested in acidic and alkaline environments as well a range of other measures such as impact absorption and cracking post-performace.

The testing procedures for technical performance and results are outlined in detail in an article published by the Building Materials Journal.

Emesh Beam Testing

Full Scale Load Tests

Round Panel Testing

Tensile Testing Emesh