WHO: Developers, Architects, Landscape Architects, Mining Companies and local Councils seek out our product for a range of applications based on green ratings and technical performance.

WHERE: Emesh fibres are ideal for footpaths, bikeways, driveways and several precast products. Emesh can be used for thin toppings where it’s impossible to place mesh with sufficient cover. It’s also ideal for aggressive marine environments, as it won’t corrode and survives both highly acidic and alkaline environments.

These are the most common applications:

  • Footpaths
  • Bike paths
  • Traffic island infills
  • Drains and batters – shotcrete or formed
  • Outdoor patios/entertainment areas
  • Commercial and industrial light duty slabs
  • Ground slabs for small shed builders
  • Toppings


Shotcrete Drains New and Repairs

Small Sheds and Patios

Emesh can be easily pumped

Mesh not placed properly

Fast Setup – Compact, Box and GO

Screeding – Normal Finishing

Bullfloat as required

Edging as normal

Trowel and or Broom Finish

Sawcut or Tooljoint

Textured Finishing is easy

Wet or Chemical Curing as required