• Cheaper:

      The Emesh product can actually reduce costs as it arrives on site ready to use. It also offers three-dimensional reinforcement throughout the concrete and correct placement right off the bat. Unlike steel mesh, there is no need for an engineering inspection to ensure mesh is placed to required standards.

    • Faster and Simpler:

      Emesh is simpler and faster to use as it dispenses with the need to cut steel mesh or manoeuvre mesh and bar chairs. The product is easy to place and finish using a steel trowel, wood float or broom.

    • Safer:

      Using Emesh offers the opportunity to reduce injury risks for workers as there is no cutting and tying of steel mesh or chairing up required. Public injury risks during construction are also removed by eliminating trip hazards caused by using steel mesh lying around.

    • Greener:

      Using 100% Recycled Plastic saves precious resources. Emesh concrete product can also be recycled and reused in the same way as normal recycled concrete aggregate.

Green Credentials

    • Emesh uses 100% recycled plastic fibres dispersed throughout concrete providing clients with a quality result and substantial environmental gains without adding cost to their projects
    • Scientists have tested the green credentials of Emesh, reporting a 90% saving on CO2 emissions and reduced fossil fuel usage compared to traditional steel mesh reinforcing. Further, the scientific findings behind the Emesh claims have been peer-reviewed by the prestigious Journal of Cleaner Production Click Here
    • By using Emesh, Councils can claim green ratings while private companies can boost carbon ratings, without extra costs.

Superior Technical Performance

    • The technical performance of Emesh is as good, if not better than, conventional steel mesh reinforced concrete. Clients using the product have reported superior post-crack performance
    • Innovated in Australia by a research team with international experience, Emesh is manufactured in Australia conforming to ISO9001
    • Emesh represents the next generation of innovation for standard virgin plastic fibres in concrete – a process that has been well tested for use in the building, mining and construction industry for more than a decade
    • The product allows for greater flexibility in design, such as curved paths, eliminating mesh waste from off-cuts. Emesh also offers simpler detailing for joints
    • Emesh is ideal for salty and coastal environments, as it will never corrode. It is highly durable and has been extensively tested in these acidic and alkaline environments

Never be fearful about corrosion

Never have to patch corroded

Environmental Assessment

The table below represents the total environmental benefits of using Emesh fibres instead of SL72 mesh. Dr Shi Yin conducted an exhaustive LCA using the most advanced software Simapro and the above results are from this study.  As can be seen this project saves over 10 tons of CO2 emissions compared to using steel mesh – a great outcome for the project and the environment.

Using Emesh shows a way to reduce the environmental impact our projects have in all affected areas from Carbon emissions to Carcinogens that cause cancer.

Cost Comparison

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The Emesh Story

Fibercon – an engineering firm established in 1996 specialising in concrete solutions – envisioned, developed, and marketed a product which is changing the face of infrastructure concrete works in Australia.
Full Story:  Interview with Emesh Founder Mark Combe.