An Australian innovation, Emesh by Fibercon upcycles plastic to deliver innovative reinforced concrete. Small recycled plastic macro polypropylene fibres are added to concrete to replace steel fibres or steel reinforcing mesh. 100% recycled plastic is a 90% reduction in co2 compared to steel mesh. The fibres are manufactured in Australia.

Benefits at a glance

/ Environmentally friendly – uses 100% recycled plastic
/ Cost-effective – saves time and money with increased longevity
/ Faster and safer to use – reduces construction time
/ Green ratings apply – globally recognised
/ Australian-made innovation – Winner The Australian Innovation Challenge Award



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Emesh Fibres by Fibercon represent the next generation of innovation for standard virgin plastic fibres in concrete. Emesh is simpler, greener, safer and more cost-effective than current alternatives.

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Emesh Fibres

Our product is sought after for a range of applications based on green ratings and technical performance.

Emesh Precast

Emesh Precast offers many advantages, especially for smaller products.